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High Tide

Jean review: Which denim pants are the best and why

Jean review: Which denim pants are the best and why

Which will make the final cut?
Zelia Lerch, Staff writer April 10, 2021

Jeans, since their invention in the late 19th century, have become a timeless staple of any closet. Versatile, comfortable and eternally trendy, they have had a multitude of cuts, each that can be worn...

Adams' Middle School's mascot, Steve the Eagle, welcomes students back. Photo via Adams 6th Grade Return Presentation on Youtube

The wait is over: RBUSD schools are coming back to campus

Schools across the Redondo Beach Unified School District reopen with an emphasis on safety
Mia Schrift and Eli Hughes March 27, 2021

After much speculation and planning, students have finally started to return to school. However, the path to getting to this point has not been a smooth one, nor will be the path moving forward. Steven...

Wandavision review

Wandavision review

Although the finale was underwhelming, it was overshadowed by the in-depth character arcs and the plot, following the couple Wanda and Vision as they live across several decades
Allie D'Amato, Staff writer March 24, 2021

The most unusual couple in the Marvel Cinematic Universe now has their very own series. On Jan. 15, “Wandavision'' premiered on Disney Plus, with new episodes, ranging from 25 to 45 minutes long, being...

Photo courtesy of Mia Calvo

Girls water polo returns to a short season

With only a three week long season, girls water polo prioritizes bonding over winning
Ria Lopresto, Staff writer March 17, 2021

Girls water polo has finally begun, but it’s already coming to a close. School sports are back in session, but COVID-19 restrictions are preventing the players from having a full, regular season....

Raya and the Last Dragon review

Raya and the Last Dragon review

Although predictable, this movie is worth a watch
Trina Kolas, Writing editor March 15, 2021

To be completely honest, I forgot “Raya and the Last Dragon” even existed—though not through any fault of the movie itself. Rather, it’s the fault of the company behind it: It was released on the...

Illustration by Cecilia Apitz

South Bay açaí bowl review

Before trying out an açaí bowl, know where to go.
Erika Glass, Staff writer March 14, 2021

Açaí bowls, rich in nutrients and antioxidants, serve as the ideal energy boosting snack on a warm (or cold!) day. These refreshing and healthy mini-meals can be prepared in many ways, but a typical...

Taking Stock

Taking Stock

Junior Tyler Lee expands his interest in finance by investing in the stock market
Emilie Takahashi, Staff writer March 4, 2021

Junior Tyler Lee looks forward to living happily in early retirement and enjoying the comforts of long-term returns. He believes the best way to be smart with your money is to buy stocks. When companies...

Photo via Creative Commons

Dairy milk substitute review: Which one is the best?

Lactose intolerant, allergic to milk, or simply looking to mix up your coffee? Read here to find out the best alternative for you.
Troy Nevil, Staff writer March 3, 2021

Dairy has become less and less popular over the past few years, largely due to the negative impacts its industry has on people’s health as well as the environment. As a result, we’ve seen a great increase...

'Music' by Sia hits all the wrong notes

‘Music’ by Sia hits all the wrong notes

Junior Brooke Goldman, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 14, reviews Sia’s film 'Music,' detailing how Sia let down the autistic community.
Brooke Goldman, Guest writer March 1, 2021

Sia’s latest venture in filmmaking, 'Music,' dropped on Feb. 10, 2021, and it’s a lot. The film started making waves when its trailer was dropped in late December, quickly stirring up controversy...

Money is immunity

Money is immunity

Privileged celebrities that recklessly defy coronavirus restrictions aren't worth looking up to
Trina Kolas, Writing editor February 19, 2021

Many people, including me, aspire to live the life of a traditional celebrity: We want to live in a 20-bedroom mansion with a pool that’s a mile long and grounds that seem to go on forever, to attend...

Enlightened thinking, enlightened screens

Enlightened thinking, enlightened screens

Sklarenko's AP European History class holds virtual salon
Ty Soria, Staff writer February 18, 2021

Today, coffeehouse culture and discussions over politics are prevalent in daily life, but this actually originated in 18th century Europe during the Enlightenment. The week before first semester finals,...

Dear Valentine's Day,

Dear Valentine’s Day,

You're overrated.
Allie D'Amato, Staff writer February 14, 2021

It’s that time of year again, where red rose sales are through the roof and Instagram feeds are filled with sappy partner-appreciation-posts. Every year when Valentine's Day rolls around, I am forced...

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