High Tide

Two cents on Disney’s millions

Graphic by Chrissa Olson

Trina Kolas, Writing editor

September 21, 2020

For those who somehow found the most insignificant scrap of merit in the flaming dumpster fire that is Disney’s ever-growing catalog of sequels and live-action remakes, I only have this to say in response: quit while you’re ahead, you’ll waste as much time reading this as I wasted thinking about...

Ruby’s Diner closes after 30 years of business

Photo courtesy of Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce

Erika Glass, Staff writer

September 20, 2020

An era of countless memories came to an end with the sudden closing of Ruby’s Diner on Sept. 8, a result of COVID-19. After 30 years in business, the restaurant was forced to close after having difficulties with dining restrictions brought on by the virus.  The diner, known for its retro decor and shi...

Restock, repackage, resell

Photo courtesy of Chris Reid

Elise Haulund, News editor

September 19, 2020

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, everyone remembers being met with empty shelves at grocery stores—no toilet paper, hand soap, flour and other items. As this turned into a problem for many, Senior Chris Reid took it as an opportunity for a business he has had since his freshman year of high school, w...

Breaking in the breakouts

Illustration by Katelyn Perry

Elise Haulund, News Editor

September 10, 2020

“Hello?” I say awkwardly as I join my breakout room. Unfortunately, I’m met with crickets. I try a friendly smile, but to no avail. All four of my new group-mates sit there, staring at me with not-so-enthusiastic expressions, thankful they weren’t the first ones to break the silence. Finall...

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