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Choir performed their last concert in December 2019. The spring concert, unfortunately, had to be canceled due to COVID-19. PHOTO BY RIDER SULIKOWSKI.
RUHS Choir adapts to new online format
Mia Dowdell, Features Editor • October 16, 2020

Some classes refuse to let the pandemic disrupt their learning. RUHS choir teacher Kelly Self said that the biggest way her choir classes have changed...

Calling all delegates: Model United Nations Club to continue online
Allie D'Amato, Staff Writer • October 12, 2020

Committee is now in session; except this time, it’s from home. The Model United Nations (MUN) club...

Court is in session—on Zoom
Trina Kolas, Writing Editor • October 12, 2020

Many clubs are being put on hold due to the coronavirus and were unable to host regular meetings as a...

COVID-19 affects specialized education plans and their implementation
Anthony Ganis, Opinion Editor • October 6, 2020

It is common for students to say that distance learning has been quite an adjustment for them. Some say...

Mackenzie and Delaney Vargas after a Christmas show (2019)
Skating on thin ice: the Promenade Ice Chalet closes
Chrissa Olson, Online and copy editor • September 29, 2020

The Promenade Ice Chalet got colder recently, and not to keep the ice solid. Ice America, the company that ran the Promenade Ice Chalet, planned to...

Breaking down the system: Racism in education
Meghan Jacob, Zelia Lerch, and Mia Schrift September 28, 2020

As the only Black teacher on campus, science teacher Gillian Moberg has had to deal with racist remarks...

Breaking down the system: Racist policing
Alexis Mesa, Editor-in-Chief • September 28, 2020

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death in late May, Black parents had to once again confront a harrowing...

Restock, repackage, resell
Elise Haulund, News editor • September 19, 2020

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, everyone remembers being met with empty shelves at grocery stores—no...

Cartee's Collages
Zelia Lerch, Staff Writer • September 19, 2020

Usually scrap newspapers, magazines and photos end up at the bottom of trash cans, but sophomore Reece...

Curb your enthusiasm: Think before you spend too much this holiday season
Curb your enthusiasm: Think before you spend too much this holiday season
Anthony Ganis, Opinion Editor • October 13, 2020

Now before you continue reading this, I want to make one point abundantly clear: There’s not much I hate more than telling somebody that what...

The importance of diversity in literature education
The importance of diversity in literature education
Ruby Crosthwait, Writing Editor • October 8, 2020

America is a grand mix of different ethnicities, cultures and perspectives that make the country one of the most diverse places on Earth. However,...

Less is more: School days should remain short
Less is more: School days should remain short
Sydney Lamich, Staff writer • October 6, 2020

As COVID-19 monopolizes all aspects of daily life, classrooms are now our own bedrooms and classwork is now technically considered homework....

Photo from Elise Haulund
Bottled Water Review
Elise Hauland, News Editor • October 24, 2020

Many bottled water companies utilize all kinds of gimmicks to entice consumers into purchasing their water; words and phrases like “bottled...

A little pie to die for
Kiera Patterson, Sports editor • October 20, 2020

I’m not a big pie fan at all, but as I walked through the grocery store, a jar of blackberry jam with a recipe attached to it struck my eye....

Emma! A Pop Musical review
Alezar Forbes, Staff writer • October 14, 2020

I sat in the middle of my empty living room, accompanied by semi-stale chips with salsa, eager to see how the drama department would pull it...

Boys Lacrosse takes first loss of the season against Northridge High School
March 6, 2019

Boys lacrosse took their first lost of the season 5-3 Feb.26 against Northridge High School. The team...

Hoping past is prologue
Kierra Patterson, Staff Writer • January 17, 2019

Boys soccer beat Peninsula last friday 2-1, improving...

Keeping up momentum
Sara Stienecker, Staff Writer • December 21, 2018

Following the Battle at the Beach tournament, the girls...

Still going strong
Derek Stoetzer, Sports Writer • December 21, 2018

Riding a 6-2 record in their last eight games, boys...

Work hard, play hard
Derek Stoetzer, Staff Writer • December 13, 2018

In one of their strongest defensive performances this...

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