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High Tide

CAN'T COMPLAIN [ALBUM COVER] https://killlincolndc.bandcamp.com/album/cant-complain

Bringing back ska: new hope for the genre

Nikko Englund reviews Kill Lincoln's "Can't Complain" after the band's seven year hiatus
Nikko Englund, Staff writer March 8, 2021

On Aug. 7, 2020, Washington DC ska-punks Kill Lincoln returned after seven years with their long-awaited album “Can’t Complain,” featuring 11 brassy, high-energy tracks reminiscent of 90’s ska-punk...


The stock market: A fitting place for teenage involvement?

Investing brings forth many risks that people wanting to get involved in the stock market should be aware of
Troy Nevil, Staff writer March 8, 2021

As recent events have demonstrated, the stock market is an interesting place, to say the least. By selling and exchanging stocks, people have the ability to involve themselves in the world’s economy...


Letter to the editor

Logan Galimi questions the lack of student consultation by administrators on reforms
Logan Galimi March 8, 2021

Why are we moving from Google Classroom to Schoology? Before that, why did we start moving to PowerSchool? At the beginning of the year, why did we undertake that new schedule? Why have we since reverted...

Recommendations for books by Black authors

Recommendations for books by Black authors

With Black History Month coming to an end, Rachel King recommends three books by Black authors
Rachel King, Staff writer March 8, 2021

I like a book that makes me question fundamental concepts of life, and “Transcendent Kingdom” by Yaa Gyasi does just that. And when a character employs both religion and science to understand her pain,...

DRESNER, L. (2017). AMERICAN STREET [BOOK COVER] https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01G1GDAEY/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1

Your American dream

A coming-of-age by Ibi Zoboi
Lucy Davis, Staff writer March 7, 2021

About a year ago when browsing the shelves at the library was normal, I came to a crossroads. I was in dire need of new reading material and the “new fiction” section was vastly underwhelming. Maybe...


Toeing the line of minimum wage

The increase in prices and COVID-19 relief raises the importance of a higher minimum wage
Sara Stienecker , Online editor March 7, 2021

Raising the minimum wage has always been a contentious issue within the political sphere, especially in recent years. So while the federal government has been unable to reach a consensus since 2009, state...


Should money measure success?

Differences in purpose keep money from equating success
Ben Ringel, Staff writer March 3, 2021

My mind changes every day on whether or not I think money equates success. Although many people try, it’s impossible to ignore that a wealthy bank account is one of the most powerful things in our society....


Let teachers talk about mental health

In the midst of a stressful school year, teachers should be encouraged to address student struggles
Elijah Hughes, Staff writer March 2, 2021

The student-teacher bond is an important factor of a positive classroom experience, as it allows for greater social growth and a developed support system. If done properly, it can dismantle some of the...

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