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A Rainy Defeat

Boys lacrosse lost a tight fifth game of the season to Huntington Beach 5-6.

In their fifth game of the season, missing a few of their stronger players and playing in pouring rain, boys lacrosse played a close game on Mar. 6 against Huntington Beach, making a huge comeback mid-game but falling short, with an end score of 5-6.

In the first quarter, the team struggled to focus, trailing behind 0-3. Huntington’s lead followed Redondo throughout the game, even though the team had a strong comeback. According to Senior defensive player and team captain Jake Lyle, the team struggled to focus and got into their heads after Huntington’s lead. 

“At the start of the game, our nerves were getting to us. A lot of our [stronger players] got hurt recently, so we had new guys stepping up, so all those nerves were stopping us from our full potential,” Lyle said.

According to Lyle, the big problem was the team’s confidence level. Lagging behind after the first quarter, the team got into their heads and struggled to focus in.

“Our teams often battle like that, and with the rain, we only had 20 minutes to warm up. The sport is fifty percent athleticism, fifty percent mental. You have to be able to know that you’re a good player and know that you can deal with everybody else. As the game went on, we got more comfortable with ourselves and each other. If we can just start like that every game, then we will be a stronger team,” Lyle said.

After their struggle in the first quarter the team made numerous improvements that showed throughout the game. They outscored the other team in the second quarter 2-1 leaving the scoreboard 2-5 by halftime, and again in the third quarter 2-1, ending 4-6. In the fourth quarter, the boys struggled to get one more goal although staying strong defensively and not letting up any for the other team, ending 5-6.

“[As a team] in the beginning, we were pretty individual and my coaches were a little upset at me for taking the ball myself a lot instead of passing it. But by the second half, we got more comfortable with each other and the new players in our system. We worked together and that’s why we almost got back,” Lyle said. “Our offense had longer possessions, making sure that our defense rested. They began to score more, and our defense became more confident, and we could hold them.”

 Although the team fell short, their strong comeback is evidence of their skill and perseverance. Junior and offensive player, Tyson McEveety, highlighted the team’s struggle and growth throughout the game.

“We were caught off guard because Huntington came out firing. It was raining for both teams, but we were set back, and they weren’t. They had better ball control than we thought they would, and our offense struggled to have longer offensive possession, which didn’t help the defense at all either,” said McEveety. “Then we opened our eyes a little bit and realized ‘It’s raining, but we still have to play the game. We still have to try and win’. We just had to stay warm, keep playing, and remember that it’s still a game.”

Looking towards future games the team wants to focus on improving on their struggles so they can develop as a team and strengthen their ability to work together.

“[Looking forward, we need to work on] staying disciplined throughout the game, and playing every team as hard as we can, no matter how good or bad we think they are. Our effort was there, it wasn’t a lack of effort at all. Even when we’re in, we were all trying our very hardest and for the most part having a good time even though it didn’t go our way,” McEveety said. “We need to do what we’ve trained and not freak out in the games. [I want to see us] playing and getting better and growing as a team, while at the same time, keep on having fun playing the game and hopefully start winning.”

Lyle explains the responsibilities as a captain as he wants to improve himself, and his team for the upcoming games

“As a captain, I didn’t do enough to talk to everyone and communicate with everyone and make sure they knew what was going on. I need to be a bigger voice on the field and I need to be able to inspire the younger guys. We had new guys in this game that haven’t gotten as much time in the games. I want my team to start believing in themselves more and knowing that they’re good players and that they can hang with everyone regardless of their size and their speed. As a leader, I need to be able to communicate with them and let them know what’s happening. I’m leaving next year, so I gotta give them all the wisdom that I can while I’m here,” Lyle said.

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