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The online student news site of Redondo Union High School

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The online student news site of Redondo Union High School

High Tide

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She’s on fire

Amina Raiss, Staff Writer March 24, 2023

Gosh, I love this show.  Netflix's original series, “Shadow and Bone,” returned to the screen for its second season on March 16. The show takes the storylines of the book series “Shadow and Bone”...

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Hello, You

Priya Ramcharan, Staff Writer March 22, 2023

“Hello, you.” Cue the pan-in on an innocent victim and Joe Goldberg's scintillating, critical narration.  And get the popcorn.  In his infamous husky voice, Goldberg guides us through his violent...

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X Marks the Spot

Sydney Lamich, Entertainment Editor March 9, 2023

Netflix’s favorite teen series, “Outer Banks,” has finally returned for another season after almost two years. Before these new episodes even aired, the show was renewed for a fourth season, truly...

Satisfactory Spin-Off

Satisfactory Spin-Off

CaraMia Leal, Staff Writer February 15, 2023

When Micheal Kelso appeared on screen and exclaimed his iconic line, “BURNNNNN,” I screamed in excitement.  I first watched “That 70s Show” a few years ago, and I've watched it probably 100...

Comforting Classics

Erika Glass, News Editor January 14, 2023

When in the mood for a classic, comfort movie, I used to always turn to the faithful red “N” of Netflix. But recently, as more and more movies have been taken off this streaming service and added to...

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TJ’s Treats

Katarina (Haven) Beches, Editor-in-Chief January 3, 2023

My love for Trader Joe’s knows no bounds. Every time I walk into the Hawaiian-themed yet freezing store, I know I’m in for a treat.  It’s no secret that Trader Joe’s has unique, unforgettable...

Cozy With Cocoa

Cozy With Cocoa

Izzie Escobar, Staff Writer December 27, 2022

As soon as the weather drops below 65°, I whip out the ingredients for my special hot chocolate. Although I prefer to make mine at home, I occasionally like to splurge on hot chocolate from a cafe. Wanting...


Holly jolly jingles

Amina Raïss, Staff Writer December 14, 2022

The soothing sounds of winter music ushers in the holiday season. From the jingles of Christmas commercials, to the background music in the malls, winter-themed music is ubiquitous with the holiday season....

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A Comedic Reality

Erika Glass, News Editor December 7, 2022

Having read Trevor Noah’s autobiography Born A Crime, I can confidently say that watching the South African actor and comedian speak is even more captivating than reading his words on a page.  In...

A Must-Watcher

A Must-Watcher

Simra Zargar, Writing Editor November 21, 2022

“All of the windows and doors in 657 Boulevard allow me to watch you and track you as you move through the house. Who am I? I am the Watcher and have been in control of 657 Boulevard for the better part...

“13 Reasons Why” Book Review

Cristina Couch, Online Editor, Copy Editor October 6, 2022

Want your views of the world to flip upside down? Just press play.  If you haven’t heard of the hit Netflix series or the New York Times best-seller turned top 10 most challenged book “Thirteen...

“This Book Is Gay” Book Review

Kat Otey, Online Editor October 6, 2022

After the success of her 2015 novel slash instructional guide, “This Book is Gay,” Juno Dawson returns with a new, updated edition by the same name. “This Book Is Gay” (2021) is a funny, lighthearted,...

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