Teachers union COVID-19 update

Head of the Redondo Beach Teachers Association Sarah Robinson highlights COVID-19 protocols

Following LA County guidelines, RUHS strives to keep in-person learning safe according to Sarah Robinson, head of the Redondo Beach Teachers Association. 

“We [the district] are committed to following the LA County Department of Public Health guidelines. So right now, their recommendation for outside masking, we think is a good step to take during the surge, and if you look around, most people on this campus, in terms of employees, are following that guidance,” Robinson said.

Outdoor masking, using masks with better levels of protection and using hand sanitizer frequently are among the recent suggestions to help better defend against COVID-19. Announcements on the school intercom encourage RUHS students to take these further precautions in order to stay safe during in person learning.

“We’re working to be sure that the sanitizing is continuing to go on in the classroom. So, we are in support of in-person learning, but it has to be done in a safe way,” Robinson said.

The Redondo Beach Teachers Association partnered with the district to create an independent study program for students who are immunodeficient, live with someone who has an immunodeficiency or feel unsafe coming to school because of COVID in general. The program was advertised during the beginning of the year, and students can also choose to transfer to the independent program for the upcoming semester. 

“It’s a lot, you know, [to return to online school]. When we went to distance learning last year, we spent weeks negotiating to make schedules and to make all of that possible. I’m not saying we’re not willing to do it, but it’s not something that can just happen overnight,” Robinson said.

For RUHS, online instruction isn’t available outside of the aforementioned independent study program because of state mandates on things such as minimum instructional minutes and student attendance. The previous year, virtual school was able to function because of accommodations from the state which have not been negotiated for this year. 

“The minimum of what a school district does has to be what the county says,” Robinson said.

 At this time, RUHS is following all of the county mandates and COVID protocol requirements. In order to keep everyone as safe as possible people need to stay home if they are sick and report to the school if they test positive. Being safe and continuing to follow guidelines to the best of our abilities will help keep as many people safe as possible, according to Robinson. 

“Like everyone else, teachers are concerned and want to be safe. We’ve made a commitment to be here and keep the school open and running. We are doing everything we possibly can to make that happen,” Robinson said.