RU Vaccinated?

BCHD hosted a COVID-19 vaccine clinic at RUHS for RBUSD families

On April 29, Beach Cities Health District (BCHD) administered a vaccine clinic at RUHS, available to anyone in the Redondo Beach Unified School District (RBUSD).

Following the first round of vaccinations to teachers and staff members, BCHD extended an invitation to receive a vaccination to eligible students and families from eleven different school districts in the South Bay. Los Angeles County is aiming to vaccinate 80 percent of their eligible population by June. 

“It is convenient because you know where the school is and trust the people there,” Kerianne Lawson, BCHD’s vaccine coordinator, said. “Vaccines are our ticket out of the pandemic. The goal is to vaccinate as many people as possible and as quickly as possible.”

There is a “strong” sense of community as firemen, doctors, nurses and other volunteers work together to properly store, handle and distribute the vaccines. The vaccine clinics would not be possible without the community’s support, according to Lawson. 

Senior Arshiya Sanduria is one of nearly 200 students and families who got vaccinated. Sanduria decided to get the vaccine because she “believes in science” and when she showed up to receive it, the process was “convenient.”

“I expected to wait a lot longer than I did, but it was a smooth and fast process. I decided to get vaccinated because I want to live without the fear of getting Covid. I would feel a lot safer going back on campus if I were vaccinated,” Sanduria said. “I do believe getting vaccinated is a step toward a positive outlook in the future. It is important to do your own research because there are a lot of misconceptions and conspiracy theories. Do not let others influence your decision and be wary of the information you spread around.”