Letter to the editor

Logan Galimi questions the lack of student consultation by administrators on reforms



Why are we moving from Google Classroom to Schoology? Before that, why did we start moving to PowerSchool? At the beginning of the year, why did we undertake that new schedule? Why have we since reverted back? For the last year or so, I have argued that the high school, specifically the administration team, should actively consult students before these policy decisions are made. In place of this, however, the administration team should at least start explaining why they make the decisions they do.

For example: If I were Mr. Brandt, and the decision was made to move to Schoology, I would have promptly met with the ASB kids during their third period to explain that this decision was made and for reasons x, y and z, so that they, ASB, could then share that information with the rest of the student body (via Instagram, the weekly emails, etc.). Now the 3000 students who I’m trying my best to help succeed in school clearly understand the benefits to changing what they’re accustomed to! Of course I, Logan, would argue that the right thing to do would be to collaborate with students before policy decisions like this are made, but again, the least administration could do is start explaining the reasoning behind their “pre-made” decisions.

Here at Redondo Union, “We R Effective Communicators.” Communication is key in fostering successful relationships between people and groups. RUHS should strive to meet this goal by initiating better communication between students and adult leadership.


Logan Galimi