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High Tide

Grapple On

Cassie Efole is an international jiu jitsu champion and coaches other fighters
January 12, 2021

RUHS delays return of in-person learning

COVID-19 cases and deaths reach record highs in LA County, postponing the return date for grades TK-2 yet again
January 9, 2021

On Dec. 30, RBUSD sent out an email to students and parents/guardians notifying them that the reopening of in-person, hybrid instruction for grades TK-2 would be postponed to Jan. 19, 2021. Previously,...

“Wonder Woman 1984” Review

The first poster for
Jenkins' live-action sequel provides a new spin on a beloved classic
January 5, 2021

My review on Disney’s mass-produced, live-action remakes and sequels made it clear how much of a disease I think that particular industry of filmmaking is. So when I first heard a sequel to the critically-acclaimed...

Dancing through quarantine

Alisha Kumar has danced competitively for most of her life. Here, she is dancing in front of the campus of Cabrini University in Wayne, Pa., where she practiced during a summer intensive in 2019. PHOTO COURTESY OF ALISHA KUMAR.
Alisha Kumar continues to practice dancing on a competitive level despite restrictions
January 4, 2021

The stage is silent. The judges are waiting, the dust in the air is still and so is she. That is, until the music starts.  Sophomore Alisha Kumar is a contemporary dancer with more than a decade of...

Tales of an essential worker

Chesney bags groceries for customers near the cash register at Vons. PHOTO BY SARAH SHURTLEFF
Chesney explains how grocery stores and their employees have adapted to the pandemic
December 17, 2020

The pandemic has posed many new challenges for people in the workplace. Jobs where employees are face-to-face with the public have a new set of requirements and guidelines in addition to their regular...

Hard at Work

Wasden is in uniform at Paciugo Gelato. All employees are required to wear masks and gloves when serving customers. PHOTO COURTESY OF VANESSA WASDEN
Junior Vanessa Wasden explains what it's like to work at a gelato shop during the pandemic
December 15, 2020

In the mind of any teenager, a job at a local gelato shop sounds like a dream. But how does that change while the world is being rocked by an incredibly harsh pandemic? For Vanessa Wasden, junior, working...

A pothos for you

This is a fully grown indoor pothos plant. PHOTO BY LIORA BRILL.
How to care for a pothos plant — a low-maintenance indoor plant for beginners
December 14, 2020

When you look up the best plants for beginners or best low maintenance indoor plants, pothos plants are usually one of the first plants to show up. The pothos plant (also known as Devil’s Ivy) is typically...

One call away

Senior Katie Villani talks on the phone with a caller from the Community Helpline, where she has volunteered for over a year. PHOTO COURTESY OF KATIE VILLANI.
Villani and Fukushima volunteer at the Community Helpline
December 13, 2020

Since 1971, the Community Helpline has come to the rescue for many people wrestling overwhelming emotions burdensome, distressing emotions and a wide variety of disorders nationwide. Seniors Katie Villani...

On the Road

Malia's sister Molly does a handstand in front of the Grand Canyon. PHOTO BY MALIA SIVERTS
Malia Siverts traveled to various landmarks in an RV with her family while distance learning
December 13, 2020

Online school can get boring: sitting in the same chair at the same desk, staring absentmindedly out the window at the same tree or street or next-door-neighbor’s wall, day after day. Fortunately for...

Pandemic Practice

Boys' baseball headed back to practice on Oct. 12. They hope to begin their season in March. PHOTO BY CHLOE ROSENBAUM.
Ethan Felix describes what baseball practices are like during the pandemic
December 13, 2020

Q. What are you guys doing to follow the COVID-19 guidelines? A. "We are wearing masks and socially distancing, and coaches are cleaning all the equipment. We are not sharing equipment with each other." Q....

Girls’ volleyball works to stay motivated, uncertain if they will have a season

Last year, the girls beat Mater Del to win the CIF Southern Division 1 Championships. PHOTO BY ETHAN CHANG.
December 13, 2020

During this pandemic, several professional and collegiate sports leagues have adjusted and changed drastically in order to continue playing, whether it's creating a bubble like the NBA, allowing none or...

Staying in the Game

Last year the boys had an overall record of 6-4, and a league record of 3-2. PHOTO BY JONATHAN WANG.
Football begins training again, hoping they will start their season in January
December 13, 2020

RUHS Football is back on the field again.  After a long delay to the football season and CIF suspending it until 2021, the first stage of the return process has begun as the team is now practicing. “The...

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