High Tide

Time for a change
Time for a change
Ben Brill, Editor in Chief • May 29, 2018

Students already have enough to cram in their schedules— from their visual art to foreign language classes to electives they will actually enjoy . A two-year Physical Education requirement only puts...

Teachers should be allowed modern politics in the classroom
Teachers should be allowed modern politics in the classroom
Molly Cochran, Staff Writer • May 29, 2018

Historically, public schools of America have been adamantly avoidant of aligning politically with one side. Because of this, some teachers across the U.S. have faced job termination or reassignment because...

The Sadie Hawkins' dance is outdated and should be changed
Samaya Rubio, Multilmedia Editor • February 20, 2018

In a society that tries to promote equality of genders, what is the purpose of having a Sadie Hawkins Dance? I talked to my mom who actually used to go to Sadie Hawkins dances in her high school years,...

Women's sports deserve to be more recognized
Martha Farah, Staff Writer • February 20, 2018

Women’s sports have come a long way, but the media is still behind — leaving female athletes in the dark. There were 376 stories covering men’s sports and only 13 segments covering women’s...

Calling yourself "pro-life" is blatantly misleading
Kate Ripley, Staff Writer • February 8, 2018

Nearly forty years following Roe v. Wade, the discussion on abortion continues to separate our country, politically and socially. The Supreme Court ruled that a woman’s right to abortion fell within...

Parents should cautiously teach their children about current events
Samaya Rubio, Multilmedia Editor • February 8, 2018

When is it the right time to expose your kids to the current state of our world? This last weekend I went to the Women's March. It was really fun, but one thing stood out to me: the number of young...

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