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High Tide

The wait is over: RBUSD schools are coming back to campus
Mia Schrift and Eli Hughes March 27, 2021

After much speculation and planning, students have finally started to return to school. However, the path to getting to this point has not been a smooth...

Ms. Yi and Mr. Takesue win the Homecoming Staff Service Award
Jess Alvear, Staff Writer • March 9, 2021

This past year has had its share of heroes from all corners of the world. Here at RUHS, the ASB created...

RBUSD reopens grades TK-2 for in-person learning
Mia Dowdell, Features Editor • February 14, 2021

Amid this rampant crisis, young children are taught safety protocols to survive a pandemic before they...

The imminent vaccines
Chrissa Olson and Jess Alvear February 11, 2021

The coronavirus vaccine is here! Just not for you.  With the approval of a coronavirus vaccine on...

Joseph Mintz, RUHS musician, plays the drums. During the pandemic, "music is the one thing that kept me sane." 
Photo courtesy of Joseph Mintz
Turn Up The Volume
Jess Alvear, Staff writer • April 17, 2021

In this past year like no other, music fans turned to streaming music to lift their spirits  causing record sales and music streams to fly through the...

Off the chain
Sarah Shurtleff, Staff Writer • March 7, 2021

With her creativity and a computer, Sarah Heinesh started her own small business. After looking through...

Friends in high places
Jess Alvear, Staff Writer • March 5, 2021

Sometimes opportunities are literally sitting right by our side. For junior Mehlo Ermeti, a chance meeting...

Taking Stock
Emilie Takahashi, Staff writer • March 4, 2021

Junior Tyler Lee looks forward to living happily in early retirement and enjoying the comforts of long-term...

Preparing for the future
Simra Zargar and Sofia Gamboa March 4, 2021

From gliding through the air to whirling across stage, some students are transforming their cherished...

The stock market: A fitting place for teenage involvement?
Troy Nevil, Staff writer • March 8, 2021

As recent events have demonstrated, the stock market is an interesting place, to say the least. By selling and exchanging stocks, people have...

Toeing the line of minimum wage
Sara Stienecker , Online editor • March 7, 2021

Raising the minimum wage has always been a contentious issue within the political sphere, especially in recent years. So while the federal government...

Should money measure success?
Ben Ringel, Staff writer • March 3, 2021

My mind changes every day on whether or not I think money equates success. Although many people try, it’s impossible to ignore that a wealthy...

Image via wafflesandmochi.org
Produced by Michelle Obama, 'Waffles and Mochi' is a Treat
Erika Glass, Staff writer • April 21, 2021

“Waffles and Mochi,” Netflix’s new series featuring an unusual main character duo, premiered on Mar. 16. Produced by former First Lady...

Zach Snyder Justice League Review
Ethan Lerner, Staff Writer • April 20, 2021

After three years of #ReleaseTheSnyderCut on Twitter, DC and Warner Brothers finally pulled the trigger on Zack Snyder’s vision. In March of...

Justin Bieber Releases His Sixth Studio Album 'Justice,' Highlighting His Hopes For Himself, and the World
Sydney Lamich, Staff writer • April 16, 2021

After a year of waiting, Justin Bieber officially released his new album “Justice” on March 26. Leaving a powerful message about loneliness...

Photo courtesy of Mia Calvo
Girls water polo returns to a short season
March 17, 2021

Girls water polo has finally begun, but it’s already coming to a close. School sports are back in...

Pandemic Practice
Kiera Patterson December 13, 2020

Q. What are you guys doing to follow the COVID-19 guidelines? A....

Last year, the girls beat Mater Del to win the CIF Southern Division 1 Championships. PHOTO BY ETHAN CHANG.
Girls' volleyball works to stay motivated, uncertain if they will have a season
Duncan Callari Martin, Staff Writer • December 13, 2020

During this pandemic, several professional and collegiate...

Last year the boys had an overall record of 6-4, and a league record of 3-2. PHOTO BY JONATHAN WANG.
Staying in the Game
Kaden Kaczmarczyk, Staff Writer • December 13, 2020

RUHS Football is back on the field again.  After a...

Boys Lacrosse takes first loss of the season against Northridge High School
Sofia Gamboa, Writer • March 6, 2019

Boys lacrosse took their first lost of the season 5-3...

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