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High Tide

The Return of In-Person Learning
The Return of In-Person Learning
Katarina (Haven) Beches, Nadia Bidarian, and Elise Haulund January 13, 2021

  As some RBUSD parents beg for a return to in-person learning and others appear vehemently against it, the RBUSD Board of Education offered a...

RUHS delays return of in-person learning
Sarah Falahahwazi, Editor-in-Chief • January 9, 2021

On Dec. 30, RBUSD sent out an email to students and parents/guardians notifying them that the reopening...

RUHS COVID-19 Update
Sara Stienecker, Online Editor • December 4, 2020

As infection rates are rising throughout the country and LA County, a RUHS staff member has tested positive...

Say "hallo" to a cleaner future
Lucy Davis, Staff writer • December 2, 2020

Intro to Design/Engineering is teaming up with a German school on a new project. Called “Going Green,”...

Alisha Kumar has danced competitively for most of her life. Here, she is dancing in front of the campus of Cabrini University in Wayne, Pa., where she practiced during a summer intensive in 2019. PHOTO COURTESY OF ALISHA KUMAR.
Dancing through quarantine
Lucy Davis, Staff Writer • January 4, 2021

The stage is silent. The judges are waiting, the dust in the air is still and so is she. That is, until the music starts.  Sophomore Alisha Kumar is...

RUHS Teacher contracts COVID-19 over the summer, despite precautions
Sofia Gamboa, Staff writer • January 1, 2021

During the summer of the pandemic, an RUHS teacher found the virus hitting close to home when he suddenly...

Subbing in, subbing out
Ethan Lerner, Staff writer • December 20, 2020

Fresh out of her student teaching semester here last fall, Taylor Ciano was the substitute teacher for...

Tales of an essential worker
Sarah Shurtleff, Staff Writer • December 17, 2020

The pandemic has posed many new challenges for people in the workplace. Jobs where employees are face-to-face...

Worldwide Rotary
Rome Kanouse, Staff Writer • December 16, 2020

While in day-to-day Zoom classes, the majority of students join from the South Bay, but at the weekly...

Twitter takes flight
Twitter takes flight
Hadley Short, Staff writer • January 16, 2021

President Donald Trump has not posted on social media in nearly a week. Not a Facebook update, not an infamous Tweet. Not even a hashtag. Nothing....

Say you lost, Mr. President
Say you lost, Mr. President
Anthony Ganis, Opinion Columnist • January 11, 2021

As one must already know by now, our nation has just seen a tragic, embarrassing and, unfortunately, quite predictable attack on our very...

Students will be late. It
Students will be late. It's not their fault.
Rachel King, Staff writer • January 10, 2021

It is pretty obvious when you are late to an in-person class. The bell rings and your heart speeds up because you are still in the hallway. As...

Cinderella is Dead Review
Cinderella is Dead Review
Katarina (Haven) Beches, Features editor • January 22, 2021

As I was browsing my Kindle library, looking for a book to reread and pass the time while in line at the grocery store, I stumbled upon a hidden...

Coconut Matcha Smoothie
Mia Schrift, Staff writer • January 13, 2021

Being a matcha lover myself, this recipe is definitely one of my favorites. If you're looking for a quick and healthy smoothie with minimal ingredients,...

Gigi Hadid's Pasta Sauce
Mia Schrift, Staff writer • January 13, 2021

This pasta sauce recipe, which was originally shared by model Gigi Hadid, has gained popularity on TikTok, with many creators sharing their love...

Pandemic Practice
December 13, 2020

Q. What are you guys doing to follow the COVID-19 guidelines? A. "We are wearing masks and socially...

Last year, the girls beat Mater Del to win the CIF Southern Division 1 Championships. PHOTO BY ETHAN CHANG.
Girls' volleyball works to stay motivated, uncertain if they will have a season
Duncan Callari Martin, Staff Writer • December 13, 2020

During this pandemic, several professional and collegiate...

Last year the boys had an overall record of 6-4, and a league record of 3-2. PHOTO BY JONATHAN WANG.
Staying in the Game
Kaden Kaczmarczyk, Staff Writer • December 13, 2020

RUHS Football is back on the field again.  After a...

Boys Lacrosse takes first loss of the season against Northridge High School
Sofia Gamboa, Writer • March 6, 2019

Boys lacrosse took their first lost of the season 5-3...

Hoping past is prologue
Kierra Patterson, Staff Writer • January 17, 2019

Boys soccer beat Peninsula last friday 2-1, improving...

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