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High Tide

The online student news site of Redondo Union High School

High Tide

The online student news site of Redondo Union High School

High Tide

Whats at this Center?

What’s at this Center?

Lauren Choy, Staff Writer January 10, 2023

The layers of this onion, instead of making your eyes water, will make your jaw drop. Rian Johnson’s sequel titled “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” proves worthy to compete with the extremely...

Devotion Movie Review

“Devotion” Movie Review

Sydney Lamich, Entertainment Editor December 13, 2022

For audiences who enjoy intense films surrounding fighter pilots and the tragedy of war, 2022 has definitely been a good year. With “Top Gun: Maverick” as the awe-inspiring frontrunner and “All Quiet...

The youth team is practicing stunts during one of their after school sessions. 
Photo by Angela Carlisle.

Cheer Teacher

Luca Artiga, Staff Writer November 30, 2022

Shaking pom pons, learning dances and rallying for our Sea Hawk athletes isn’t all that sophomore varsity cheerleader Leah Gnadt does for cheerleading. Gnadt spends her time after school volunteering...

Dance, Baby!

Dance, Baby!

Danielle Bellamy, Staff Writer November 17, 2022

From jazz dancing to 2000s pop hits, high kicking to fifties songs, and going on pointe for songs from the eighties, the School of Dance and Music took their audience back in time with their latest performance,...

Fall Favorites

Lucy Davis, Online Editor November 15, 2022

Sweater weather calls for a new seasonal playlist, so in honor of the second-best time of year here are some songs that capture the feeling of autumn leaves falling into place.  My personal mixtape...

The gym courts provided students with a dance floor on Homecoming night. Photo courtesy of Marin Cantrell.

Moshpit Madness

Charlene Elam, Staff Writer October 31, 2022

Homecoming provides students with memory-making opportunities, but this year, it left students with injuries they won't forget. The dance floor broke out into a mosh pit, resulting in people leaving with...

Fossora Album Review

“Fossora” Album Review

Ariya Anvari, Staff Writer October 18, 2022

“My ears were bleeding.” As the first song, “Atopos” by “Fossora” played, this was the only thought my confused brain could actually form. The rest of my brain was too busy trying to sift through...

The Invitation Movie Review

“The Invitation” Movie Review

Erika Glass, News Editor October 6, 2022

Taking the opportunity to watch a $3 movie on National Movie Day, I decided to head down to the Rolling Hills AMC to see “The Invitation,” a horror/mystery and thriller film, according to the website...

Pearl Movie Review

“Pearl” Movie Review

Sydney Lamich, Entertainment Editor October 6, 2022

Only months trailing the release of director Ti West’s erotic horror film “X” comes its disturbing prequel “Pearl,” which shines a revealing light on the imperfect, obsessive character of Pearl...

Barbarian Movie Review

“Barbarian” Movie Review

Mia Schrift, Copy Editor October 6, 2022

Though the movie is titled “Barbarian,” there is no trigger warning that could have prepared me for this near two hour horror film.  Being a fan of scary movies myself, having seen horrific movies...

Soaring with Spirit

Ty Soria, Sports Editor September 22, 2022

At every home football game, a moderately sized portion of the stands gets reserved for the marching band. Now, an even larger portion of those stands goes to the student section (The Flock), which...

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