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School board votes in favor of rugby becoming a varsity sport, allocating a class period and granting athletes P.E. credit.

Redondo is one of the 1200 high schools in the U.S. that offers varsity rugby and competes in USA Rugby, an organization that offers high school and club rugby leagues in different community areas. Redondo’s rugby program has been alive for seven years as an after-school club sport, competing against local high schools. However, with rugby becoming one of the fastest-growing sports, our program officially became a varsity sport in vote of the school board on March 12. This grants rugby athletes P.E credit and allocates the sport its own class period. 

These new changes to the rugby program hope for more students to join the program, as it allows students to practice during school hours, decreasing the time commitment the sport once held. 

“I wanted to be a part of a team. I didn’t really want to do football or anything else. So I found out that the camaraderie for rugby is really good. We’re like brothers. We’re really good friends on the team and just each other improve all the time.” said junior Aidan Mills.

Although the team did not finish as they anticipated this season, 5-1-7, senior Isaiah Quevedo highlights the team’s improvement in communication and the ability to help the underclassmen learn external aspects of rugby.

“We didn’t win the championship tournament, unfortunately, but I think a lot of the young ones that we played with fell in love with the game. I think that was a win itself, getting them into the game,” Quevedo said. “Rugby is a physically demanding sport; you’re constantly tackling and running. I wanted the underclassmen to understand the mindset of wanting to be there at practice and the grit it takes.” 

The team hopes to encourage students to join the team next year and is beginning to spread the word hopefully. Quevedo notes that they are beginning to promote games and tryouts on their Instagram @ruhs_rugby. 

“Rugby is an easy sport to join because it doesn’t matter about your size. There’s a place for everyone on the field. If you’re big, that’s great. You can hit people and use that to your advantage. If you’re small and fast, you can take advantage of those abilities,” said Mills.

Senior Christoph Olejniczak notes that he joined rugby because of his friends and appreciates the camaraderie of the sport. It’s a sport anyone with any amount of experience can participate in. 

“In high school, many sports are now specialized, and you have to have been playing for five to ten years before, or you have to be on a club team. Whereas rugby, anybody can join, anybody can play since it’s not a big sport around here (South Bay). It can be your first time playing, or you could have been playing all your life, and you’re still able to play,” Olejniczak said. 

Mills claims the rugby community is a place for everyone and :where they improve each other on and off the field,” and is looking forward to expanding the sport next year. 

“My goal for next season is to be a leader for the team. I want to become the team captain since all the seniors are leaving. I want to lead the team, especially now that it’s a sport that will attract more people. 

Rugby at Redondo opens the doors for underclassmen who want to join a sport without extensive experience and those who want to get involved in the school. 

“I think rugby allowed me to be a part of something in my school. I got to spend much time with a new group of people and people I care about. Being active in school is important, so being able to be an athlete and being around this group is definitely important to me,” Quevedo said. “I think the experience taught me to connect with different people. It’s definitely an outlet for being an athlete, and it helps me relieve stress.” 

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