Peace in Pottery

Freshman Audrey Cox finds tranquility and develops individuality through a variety of art forms, including pottery, painting and ceramics.


Finding ways to cope with stress looks different for everyone, but for freshman Audrey Cox, it comes in the form of painting, drawing and sculpting. The moment her pencil touches the paper, she finds herself in a state of peace.

“[Art] is very therapeutic, even if you’re not good at it. In my studio, there are a bunch of animals that come by and we can draw them. It’s a satisfying process and it’s really cool seeing [art work] come together,” Cox said.

Not only does art bring her peace, but it also has helped Cox discover who she is as an artist and develop her own creative style. 

“[Art is] very individual. It’s nice making your own art without a manual or a specific way to do it,” Cox said.

Cox’s family also shares her same artistic passion. Her father majored in fine arts and now works at a video game company as a creative director. 

“[My dad] has been a big influence on my art and he has always encouraged my sister and me to be creative. I’ve always had extra support from him,” Cox said.  

Additionally, Cox’s older sister, junior Laurel Cox, has also influenced her art journey. Starting from a young age, the sisters would engage in creative activities, which carried with them into their teenage years. 

“I’ve always been a really creative person, and I think Audrey took note of that. We would sit at our craft table when we were little and just draw for hours,” Laurel Cox said.

Cox expresses her passion throughout various outlets in her life, such as by filling her room with different art pieces she has made, including embroidery and drawings.

“Anything that is lying around the house can be used for art. I’ve done watercolor before and other types of paintings. I’ve tried to do oil when I was younger, but that is really hard. And I have also done more hands-on art, like pottery and ceramics,” Cox said. 

Cox hopes to continue growing and discovering her art style, and believes that it will remain a prominent part of her life.

“It’s so cool to see all your work come together, and I really enjoy it. I hope art is something I stick with for a long time,” Cox said.