Business on the Mind

RUHS offers two new courses to students of all grade levels: Introduction to Business and Philosophy.


Photo credit: Anthony Biedenbender

RUHS witnesses the emergence of two new classes, both of which aspire to influence a long-lasting impact on the lives of students. Introduction to Business, taught by Mike Soohoo, and Philosophy, taught by Lauren Litus, are classes that both aim to give students the tools they need to be successful.

Soohoo describes the introduction to business class as “helpful for communication, relationships, and understanding of business.”

  “Business can be very theoretical or technical, but I want this class to be very comfortable and “applicable” to everyday life,” Soohoo said. 

Similar to Introduction to Business, Philosophy is also a class that is available to all grades. According to Litus, teaching all grades in one class is a unique experience, but will not affect the foundations of Litus’s teaching. 

“I think it’s really important for students to think critically and write better, which is why it’s important for me to teach those things. Even though we have some underclassmen in our class, it’s still good to have a solid understanding of these skills early on,” Litus said.

Even though it’s still early in the year, students from both classes are already enjoying the experience. So far, in the Intro to Business class, the students have participated in fast, collaborative games related to business and the inculcation of social skills.

“Mr. Soohoo is a great teacher. I really like his teaching style; he’s been open about how much he wants us to express ourselves and how socializing is a part of business,” Nakai said.

Despite Soohoo’s former classification as a math teacher, his proficiency in teaching business, as Nakai described, is qualified by many years of experience.

“I went to USC at the Marshall School of Business, and I also went into business before becoming a teacher,” Soohoo said. 

Similarly, Litus teaches physics, but she also got her master’s degree in philosophy. Even after years of experience, many pressures come with launching a new program.

“I’m a little nervous [about this] because it’s new. I was a TA in college, but I’ve never taught it at this level. Still, I think this class has a lot to offer and I am very excited,” Litus said.

Likewise, Soohoo shares the enthusiasm for launching his new class but also acknowledges the pressure that accompanies it. 

“I feel a lot of pressure from this class because I know that it’s currently competing with a lot of other electives. Even though they could choose an easier class or free period, I want students to see how businesses are part of everyday life. I feel like the content we will be learning will be like no other on this campus,” Soohoo said.

With both classes building momentum, Soohoo and Litus develop a plan for what comes next in their respective class’s curriculum.

“We want to develop a pathway program for students that are interested in business,” Soohoo said. “Eventually, we might get classes in more advanced marketing finance and entrepreneurship.”

As for philosophy, Litus hopes to make philosophy an AP class next year and introduce guest speakers to the program.

Both of the new programs are expected to lay down the foundation for more new classes to come, leaving Redondo Union with a more diverse and dynamic course selection. 

“Socrates said the unexamined life is not worth living, so I encourage students to try to explore as many different classes as they can,” Litus said.