Stacked and steady

Consistently winning back-to-back games, girls lacrosse establishes their dominance early in the season


Photo by Ingrid Sommerer

During a game against Oak Park, junior Maxine Hoffman breaks away from an opponent and passes to an open teammate. Redondo ultimately won 20-4.

The Redondo Union girls varsity lacrosse team swung into the first half leading by eight points against El Segundo on Feb. 24, ultimately finishing strong 18-11.

Early in the game, Redondo established their dominance on the field, scoring left and right, leading by 8 points. What gives Redondo an extra advantage over other teams, according to co-captain senior Natalie Kokes is, “while they have three or four really great players, we have a whole team of them.”

With this advantage, Redondo made sure this was not a close game. Going into the second half, the team had the confidence from the cheering crowd and the momentum from the first half on their side. 

“When you have people cheering on the sidelines, it makes it even bigger. Then when you are actually in the moment, you don’t realize everything that is going on, and you’re just playing. Then when you make a good play or score, everything kind of sets in, and you think, ‘Wow I did that, and no one could stop me,’” Asjia Roberson, senior and co-captain said.

This win was “special,” according to Roberson—it established their dominance in back-to-back games after a previous win against Santa Margarita on Feb. 22 despite the inclement weather. 

“Last Tuesday, we played a game in really bad weather—there was rain, hail, and it was 38 degrees and cold. And I think we wanted to prove that Tuesday’s game wasn’t just a one-time thing,” Roberson said.

This game against El Segundo was a big win for Redondo. So far, the Redondo team has gone undefeated and has proven to be a fierce competitor in the league. Still undefeated, they’ve won against Agoura 12-9, and Crescenta Valley 20-6. The team hopes to keep this same mentality moving forward into the next games. 

“In the upcoming games, we are going to take all of our momentum from our past wins and practice and play just as hard,” Roberson said.