Friends fur-ever


Don’t judge a book by its cover. Seriously.

Let me elaborate. When you go watch a movie, and have certain expectations going into the theater, don’t let the first fifteen minutes deceive you. My tired and lazy Sunday-self forgot to think this way, and while I may have been disappointed at first, it made the ending that much better.

As much as I love dogs with all my heart, watching the first fifteen minutes of this movie felt like a chore. Starting it off with credits, a photo collage, and scenes that felt completely useless to the overall plot resulted in my reclining seat screaming out my name, my brain begging me to go to sleep, and my hazelnut churros distracting me from a movie that I would later love.

But sometimes, it’s getting through the boring parts of a movie that help you leave the theater with happiness, fulfillment, and enjoyment.

To put it simply, “Dog” is a family-friendly comedy that centers around the main character Jackson Briggs, who has to deliver a K-9 named Lulu to a funeral of her former owner. And on the road there, the trip takes quite a few twists and turns. At moments, the film feels a bit cheesy and awkward, but as it progresses, its comedic aspects and heartwarming storyline start to show. 

By heartwarming storyline, I’m mostly referring to the end of the movie. As someone who doesn’t cry a lot or show their emotions, the ending of this movie really got me in my feels. Even my mom, who was sitting next to me, started to tear up.

Actor Channing Tatum does a great job portraying his character, highlighting the internal struggle many people face when put into a situation that may seem “useless” at first, but later evolves into a big part of someone’s life. Briggs also struggles with PTSD as a former member of the military, and it’s really put into perspective throughout this movie.

Furthermore, Tatum does an amazing job developing his character from start to finish. At first, he seems like this careless guy just trying to get a job done, but as he starts to face these different unique challenges, his bond with Lulu grows stronger, and his character begins to change for the better.

And I could not properly review this movie without mentioning the stars of the show: Britta, Lana 5 and Zusa, the three dogs who portrayed Lulu on the big screen. There were some crazy scenes that I would never expect for a dog to be able to film, but in the end, they did an awesome job to say the least. And of course, they were the cutest dogs ever.

Overall, I’d recommend the movie “Dog” to anyone who is looking for a relaxing, funny, and heartwarming movie to watch. Yes, the beginning may not be very entertaining, but trust me, it will be worth it at the end. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.