Venom “Let There Be Carnage” Review


Photo via Sony Pictures

Fans celebrate the return of the comical, action-packed Spider-Man Marvel supervillain spin-off, “Venom,” as they come back for their sequel, “Venom: Let There Be Carnage,” released on Oct. 1. While the dysfunctional but physically functional duo of Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) and his symbiote, Venom, have to face an even bigger villain to fight, “Let There Be Carnage” also challenges the duo’s emotional rollercoaster of a platonic love story. Let’s just say that Venom fans will not be disappointed.

In the original movie in 2018, Venom, an extraterrestrial alien, latched onto Brock’s body and gave him multiple superpowers like strength and the ability to withstand death. Brock and Venom’s friendship was knowingly testy, as they constantly argued over who’s in charge of Brock’s body. Brock lays down the law and requires that Venom has to stop causing chaos if he wants to keep living with him. For example, Venom used to eat bad people but now can only eat chocolate and sometimes chickens because they contain the necessary nutrients that Venom needs to not suffocate Brock. 

Immediately starting where he ended off, Brock continues to pursue a career in print journalism rather than video reporting. His latest story features psychotic serial killer Cletus Kassidy (Woody Harrelson) who killed his parents and grandma right before he was sent to an asylum for unwanted children. 

Not only does Tom Hardy perfectly fit the role of Eddie Brock, but Harrelson also represents the twisted character of Cletus Kassidy with complete ease and talent. His unsettling mumbles and body movements truly embody someone sinister, and this repetition throughout the movie convinced me of his characterization of Kassidy.

Similarly, Kassidy’s childhood lover Frances Barrison (Naomie Harris), also known as “Shriek” for her ear-piercing capabilities, is in the same boat as her psychotic boyfriend. Separated when they were teens from their childhood mental asylum, the two lovers’ wish is to reunite. But as Kassidy is on death row for his crimes, the San Francisco FBI assigns Brock to investigate and talk to Kassidy. 

As Brock dives deeper into his investigation of Kassidy and his offenses, the amount of time they spend together only increases. Kassidy begins to taunt Brock causing Venom to lash out and get close to Kassidy. Seizing his opportunity, Kassidy violently bites Brock, which unknowingly transfers a small symbiote to Kassidy. Brock’s attempt to make Venom fall in line failed fantastically, accidentally creating a bigger monster and adding more problems to their soap opera. The small little red symbiote offspring turns out to be more violent and messy than Venom, resulting in bloodshed and lots of damaged walls and buildings, making “Carnage” even scarier and action-packed.

After conflicting over everything from their diet to their attempts to control each other, Venom grills Brock for his pointless rules and in the process, leaves him, claiming he is better off without him. After leaving Eddie temporarily, Venom jumps from body to body and heads to a Halloween rave where everyone thinks his “costume” is the best in the house. Covered in glow sticks, this scene was one of my favorite highlights in the movie because you got to see Venom act like a human, having fun on a night out. 

The whole movie leaves fans on the edge of their seats with multiple intense action scenes, extremely funny jokes that made the whole movie theater laugh and a plot that compels even the most stoic of viewers. In addition, fans will finally get the answer to whether Brock and Venom classify themselves as “the lethal protector” or the antihero.

“Let There Be Carnage” gently picks at the emotions of each character, especially Venom. The two friends eventually realize that their strong, emotional connection isn’t worth giving up. They reunite, knowing in the end that they work better as a team.

Don’t worry, Venom doesn’t get all cozy and cuddly. As the end credits remind us, there’s more in store for the extraterrestrial alien and his host.