Boys’ Varsity Football sought another win on Homecoming night

A series of small mistakes led to a loss against Peninsula High School during the Homecoming game, despite high hopes

Photo by Valerie Tiscareno

The Seahawks were hopeful after their first win against West Torrance, but the varsity football team lost the homecoming game 33-10 to Peninsula High School on Oct. 1.

 “We did really well in the first half with our offense and defense,” junior Daniel Rodriguez, wide receiver and kick returner, said. “But after the second half of the game, we just kept stabbing ourselves in the backs. We couldn’t keep the ball moving on offense and we could’ve done better but everything was just a domino effect after halftime.”

Photo by Valerie Tiscareno

According to junior Adam Elhardouzi, an offensive tackle and defensive end, Peninsula is typically a fairly equal match for RUHS, making it difficult to predict who will win.

“We beat [Peninsula] the last two years, but barely. And the year before that, we almost beat them, so they always gave us a hard time,” Elhardouzi said. 

While Redondo did lose this homecoming game, “the atmosphere of it all made the team feel better,” according to Elhardouzi. 

“Our home games are always fun with lots of spirit in The Flock [the student section at sports games], especially last night. I always hear and see students singing and cheering for us, which makes the Friday football games memorable,” Elhardouzi said. “We wanted to compete extra hard for everyone because it’s our homecoming game, but unfortunately we kept stopping ourselves with our own penalties, we were missing our blocks and we just kept making small little mental mistakes.”

Looking for a win, the Varsity Football Team went on to play Culver City on Friday, Oct. 8, unfortunately losing again 42-13. 

“We are very dedicated when it comes to football,” Elhardouzi said. “All we can ask for from one another is for everybody to have each other’s backs and pick us up when we need it, which we already do.”