Staying in the Game

Football begins training again, hoping they will start their season in January


Last year the boys had an overall record of 6-4, and a league record of 3-2. PHOTO BY JONATHAN WANG.

RUHS Football is back on the field again.  After a long delay to the football season and CIF suspending it until 2021, the first stage of the return process has begun as the team is now practicing.

“The coronavirus hit our season very hard. We were stuck doing video conference workouts and playbook meetings. There is still a lot of uncertainty about what is going to happen but, it feels good to go back to practicing again,” senior Robert Baker said.

Even with the season not set to start until next year the team still wants to start off strong to have the chance to win the Bay League.  

“The team has continued to work hard even though the season was pushed back until 2021.  With the schedule now in place the team is extremely excited and motivated to prepare for the season,” senior Alex Wunderli said.

The seniors have been hit hard with the postponement of the season, and the NCAA pushing back recruiting makes it hard to land a roster spot for college.

“The coronavirus has made our application process very difficult.  It will be tough to play in college because you can’t talk to college coaches and none of the seniors have much film,” Wunderli said.

WIth practices still having strict guidelines the team is doing as much as they can to be prepared for the start of the season.

“The team is just doing conditioning to get back into shape for more football oriented practices in the future,” Wunderli said.