A pothos for you

How to care for a pothos plant — a low-maintenance indoor plant for beginners


This is a fully grown indoor pothos plant. PHOTO BY LIORA BRILL.

When you look up the best plants for beginners or best low maintenance indoor plants, pothos plants are usually one of the first plants to show up. The pothos plant (also known as Devil’s Ivy) is typically a plant that does not require lots of care. If you are new to plants and want an easy plant to care for, then a pothos is best for you.

Found in almost every plant shop or hardware store that sells plants, you will definitely be able to get your hands on a pothos. They are indoor plants that prefer indirect light. If you are going to put your plant outdoors, make sure it‘s in the shade but is still getting indirect sunlight; they thrive best under these conditions, though they can still withstand direct sunlight. 

Pothos plants like when their soil has a chance to dry out in between waterings. The leaves should maintain a light green coloring, and you know your plant is underwatered when the leaves start to turn yellow and the plant is limp and wilting. If the leaves are browning, that means the plant is overwatered, and it’s best to let the soil dry out.

As your pothos grows, its leaves will get longer and longer, most likely falling down instead of growing up. If the leaves get too long, you can always trim them. You can also take cuttings and propagate them, and then you will have another pothos plant to take care of.