Back in business: Beach life fitness boutique reopens

After struggling with COVID-19 restrictions, Beach life fitness boutique is ready to reopen safely.


Photo courtesy of Danielle Spangler

Just one block up from the beach in South Redondo, you’ll find Beach Life Fitness Boutique: a female-owned fitness studio whose mantra is “fitness that feels good.”

Danielle Spangler is a mom of three, a resident of Redondo and the studio owner. The studio’s specialty is pilates reformer classes. These exercises, performed on a reformer machine, focus on building strength and flexibility. The studio also offers private training for all phases of a woman’s life. 

“I really value the support the community gives me because my business is still a small one. We work with all ages and all fitness levels. We are all highly trained in our industry so our goal and objective is to provide five-star service and give people a wonderful sense of community within the studio,” Spangler said. 

Due to the pandemic and subsequent county restrictions, the studio closed for two months, moving classes online. Online classes were harder as “a lot of the classes we offer include reformers, and [customers] cannot participate fully unless [they] have one at home.” Once restrictions were lifted, Spangler reopened the studio, and classes resumed outdoors. 

“Luckily, my pilates reformers are all portable. We created a beautiful outdoor space and also limited classes to five people. Everyone seems to be very happy. We have made it very comfortable, and it’s under full shade,” Spangler said. 

Now that the studio is back in action in an outdoor space, they are still struggling with different aspects of reopening such as “taking equipment in and out everyday.” 

“Our classes are doing pretty well, although I think there’s still some confusion over whether or not the studio is open, and some people are really surprised to hear we are open outside. We are doing our best to get the word out but it’s still been tricky. It’s nice being outside but I am really wanting and hoping for the indoor studio space to be open eventually,” Spangler said. 

The studio offers 22 classes a week. They also cater to teenagers ages 12-16 in their conditioning series Mondays and Wednesdays. For more information, please visit

“I think people are appreciating that we made an effort to still have physical classes. A lot of people were feeling sad and depressed doing workouts at home and this gives them an opportunity to come see friends in a safe, outdoor environment,” Spangler said.