Cartee’s Collages

Sophomore Reece Cartee expresses her creativity through collages


Usually scrap newspapers, magazines and photos end up at the bottom of trash cans, but sophomore Reece Cartee uses all those leftover pieces for collaging.

“I’ve been making collages for a while, ever since I made a cover for my binder in eighth grade. I had half of the wall in my room that’s now completely covered in collages done in February of 2019,” Cartee said.

Although she’s been avid about collaging for years, the transition from in-person school to online in March gave Cartee as much time as she wanted to work on her projects without the stress of school deadlines. 

“I could finish school for the week within the first two days, and after I finished I would be able to spend more time sorting through magazines and cutting out pictures,” Cartee said. “It was really nice to be able to express myself without being super overwhelmed with school assignments and whatever else I had going on.”

Cartee’s specialty is themed collages. She has an “entire wall filled to every corner” with collages ranging in subjects from her favorite movies to Harry Styles. Her process includes going through magazines to find and cut out images and words that fit the topic and resonate with her. She then rearranges them on a piece of paper.  

“I know that when we do go back to school, I’ll make small ones for my binder and school supplies. They also make really great presents for wall decoration, especially for friends that want a specifically themed one, but I hope I keep making collages for a long time,” Cartee said.