Doing the Mosa

Welcome to the neighborhood beach-cottage style eatery located on the corner of 2nd

Street and Hermosa Ave. Just steps from the strand, south of the pier, and away from

the busy cluster of cafes, shops, and businesses that crowd the end of Pier Avenue is

Mosa Coastal. Mosa presents seafood with an elegant Italian flavor.

Whereas some restaurants seem too loud to maintain a conversation, Mosa surrounds

guests with pleasant soothing music that introduces the restaurant’s eclectic

atmosphere, which is at the same time upscale and casual. The medley of Frank

Sinatra, Eta James Ray Charles, and Marvin Gaye that plays in the background, creates

a relaxed atmosphere that invites quests to test and taste Mosa’s artful cuisine while

they sip their favorite drink and unwind.

Mosa’s dinner menu includes their Seafood Bar, which features Italian styled servings

of Ahi Tuna ($14), Octopus ($18), Calamari ($11.50, Clams ($19.50), or Mussels ($22). The

adventurous Calamari Salad with contrasting orange wedges, spicy harissa chili

pepper paste, pistachios, and delicate mint leaves is simply fun and refreshing. They

offer $3 oyster shots originating from Prince Edward Island or British Columbia.

Their list of Mediterranean-Italian salads includes a colorful and decorative thick slice

of Charred Eggplant ($13.50) which is smothered with peperonata (sweet bell peppers,

olive oil, onion and tomatoes) above a light bedding of Greek yogurt, surrounded by

date honey syrup, and sprinkled with basil leaves. Is that interesting or what?

Their Pasta selection ranges from their Cacio E Pepe ($19.50), a minimalist pasta dish

made with Pecarino Romano cheese, cracked black pepper, and an herb salad; to a

rich Lamb Paradelle ($24.50) which is made with quality Niman Ranch Braised Lamb,

covered with wide buttered noodles, and generous Pecorino Romano cheese (from

sheep’s milk). I enjoyed Mosa’s classic Shrimp Scampi ($22)! This dish combines angel

hair pasta and pepperonata, which is surrounded with shrimp, and flavored further

with butter, lemon and garlic. On another occasion I had the Chicken & Rigatoni,

which is a delightful colorful dish featuring black kale, tangy roasted tomatoes, pine

nuts, and fluffy chunks of feta cheese.


Mosa’s Cioppino ($29.50), described as “fisherman’s wharf seafood stew” includes

mussels, clams, calamari, shrimp, fish, scallop, bathing in a tomato-fish stock, served

with garlic toast or spaghetti!

The Entrees include something for everyone. Choose from Scottish Salmon, Branzino

(European Bass), Bristol Scallops, Chicken Marsala, Pork Chop Milanese, Prime

Hanger Steak, Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich, and a Mosa’s Hamburger! I enjoyed the

chicken smothered with mushrooms scattered in a rich Marsala wine sauce

accompanied with broccolini (baby broccoli with long stalks) and angel hair pasta.

I selected the Lemon Ricotta Cheese Cake ($8) from the dessert list and it became my

new favorite! This cheesecake had a light fluffy texture and it sat over a tangy tart red

sauce. On top were four raspberries and mint leaves garnished the dish. If you are not

very hungry and want to have a tasty dessert and coffee, try it. It’s a special treat.

During my last visit, I learned Mosa will be opening for brunch as well. I suppose they

will open their west-facing two sets of glass-paneled garage doors if the weather is

favorable. The restaurant already has a patio area, a comfortable bar and outdoor

seating. The open floor-plan will complete Mosa’s beach style appearance and appeal.

I have seen the brunch menu. I suggest you hurry over, I predict Mosa will be popular

with the locals, tourist and anyone cruising HerMOSA Avenue looking for good food

without the crowds.

Mosa is a great place to close deals, to share intimate ideas, to celebrate life, or to

simply enjoy the company of your guest. Some of the seats are covered in fur,

reminding you that this restaurant indulges patrons with quality food and good service

with both a beach neighborhood feel and an epicurean standard. The price range is

justified since it ranks well above the fast food norm.