Worth the wait

Although straying from O’Connor’s usual styles Pony does not disappoint

After many fans’ anticipation, Rex Orange County released his third album, the much awaited Pony. Alex O’Connor’s straight-forward and honest lyrics encourage listeners to accept growing up and let go of the past, but to remember their youth as a part of them.  

Taking listeners on a journey, the songs flow into each other beautifully. The use of a synth and smooth drum-line give the tracks a similar feel, which seems to almost link them into one continuous loop. 

Listening to the opener, “10/10” bobbing your head or shuffling feet side to side comes naturally. It’s a lively light of cheer that steadily diminishes over the course of the album with songs that could peacefully lull someone to sleep. Nevertheless, Alex’s positivity shines through towards the end when the speed picks back up. 

It Gets Better” is the stand-out of the bunch, beginning with an electric bass guitar, and sudden heavy-hitting piano. The snapping, disco-like beat, and string orchestra which follow slow down the tempo for a bit, but the song is just as quickly exploding all over again— with more power than before. 

The closer track “It’s Not The Same Anymore” feels more of a transition than a finale, leaving fans hanging to interpret its meaning and wonder what will come next.

Alex’s new and experimental style of this album is sure to appeal to more crowds in the music industry. However, reactions to the tracks are quite split. Fans of his traditional, somber works were caught off guard, yet still able to enjoy the more toned-down songs in the album. At the same time, those who weren’t fond of his past “depressing” type music, can definitely find some upbeat gems within the mix.