Down the runway

Kruk has accepted many casting jobs since she began modeling

Freshman Lilly Kruk’s passion for modeling started when she was six years old, watching America’s Next Top Model and being inspired by her many idols. That led her to where she is now: a model who has participated in jobs from commercials to photoshoots, to runways.

Kruk has been modeling for about eight years. She has been cast in many commercials, a few being for Assassin’s Creed, Pantene and MasterCard. Kruk has also participated in two runway shows for LA Fashion Week and many photoshoots.

The atmosphere as well as the creativity and effort which goes into each photoshoot fuels Kruk’s passion for modeling.

“The creativity of the photoshoots and the styling, and all the moods and looks which you can get from one single photoshoot makes me want to continue modeling,” Kruk said. “I love creating people’s vision for certain looks and always being in that creative space where it’s ok to go wild with poses.” 

Her interest in America’s Next Top Model sparked her interest in modeling, as well as her many model inspirations, such as Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell and Cara Delevingne. 

“I loved watching them do runways,” Kruk said. “So when I got to do runway shows like them when I was younger, that was the best feeling ever.” 

Her favorite job she did is a commercial for Assassin’s Creed, made a year ago. The commercial is about a family who receives “Alexius,” a character from the video game Assassin’s Creed who represents the Alexa device. Kruk played the daughter in the family.

“It was my first big commercial that I could vividly remember and just being on the set and seeing the finished product was unbelievable. I had an awesome time and I loved the experience of being on a set,” Kruk said.

She also enjoys making friends with different people at the photoshoots. Kruk has learned many useful social skills through the different shoots she went to.

“When you go into a photoshoot with other models, you most likely don’t know any of them, so I had to learn how to make connections with people on the spot,” Kruk said.

Besides all the enjoyable aspects of modeling for Kruk, she also faces numerous challenges, one of them being overcoming her nervousness. When she participated in the LA Fashion Week runway, her fear especially kicked in. 

“When I was about to go up, I was really nervous. But when I started walking I just let it all go and it was awesome. I felt confident and I knew what I was doing,” Kruk said.

Balancing her school and social life with her modeling life hasn’t been that much of an issue, according to Kruk, since “work slows down for you as a teen. Since she is also a part of the school play, it can be difficult for Kruk to attend all of the jobs and auditions. 

“I’m also in the school play so that takes up a lot of time from my schedule. I have to decide if this is a job I really want. It also gets a bit hard time-wise to do my homework in between auditions and such,” Kruk said.

But the challenges Kruk had to overcome taught her many useful life lessons. She especially learned a lot about self-confidence.

“I learned it is important to have self-confidence in yourself. Knowing that you can do this and that you are amazing in your own unique way, and not comparing yourself to others. That’s very important,” Kruk said.

Kruk’s acting classes, which she took in middle school, helped her build up confidence and feel comfortable in her own skin.

“When I was homeschooled for 7th and 8th grade, I took an acting class that really gave me the confidence to be myself and really open up. Having that environment that allowed me to be myself helped me so much,” Kruk said.

In the future, Kruk says she could see herself becoming more involved in acting and continuing her modeling career.

“I definitely see myself doing something acting- or modeling-related in the future,” Kruk said.