Redondo on a roll

Girls Volleyball still undefeated in season

Redondo remains undefeated in the Bay League with yet another win on Wednesday, October 10th against Mira Costa. Redondo won all three sets in the game.

They are leading the bay league with a record of 10-0. The Redondo girls hope to make it to the bay league championship game this year.

“Well, I don’t want to jinx, like my team and everything. But, I just I hope we go far. I know we’re capable of doing it. And I know sometimes we do have downs, so I just don’t want us to get ahead of ourselves and just go one game at a time. So like, we’re just going to do that take one game with time and get further and further and further and hopefully get to the championship.” senior Jasmine Davis said.

The team has competed against division 1 teams, and is currently ranked 7 in the nation (according to for girls volleyball

“We’re trying to win the the toughest section champion division one in the toughest state and we’re going to give it everything we have collectively no matter what the result is.” said Coach Tommy Chaffins.

One of the strategies Chaffins uses to keep the team motivated is to talk about what they are going to play for, before the game. Before the Coasta game, the team talked about playing with “love”.

“First we always write down three things before the match, the first one was love. We talked about playing for the love of our teammate, our love for our family and our love of our school and community and I wanted it to be on full display all night and it was. You know it’s hard to beat a really another top 10 team, so we took care of business and we made a pretty good team look just ordinary.” said Chaffins.