Senior Kolby Holdsworth sell his artwork, surfboards, and records to his peers

Through selling paintings and music, senior Kolby Holdsworth shares the essence of what it’s like to live by the beach.

“I try to reflect the things that I enjoy about being here in Redondo, like being so close to the sun and the water all the time,” Holdsworth said. “I want to express emo tions of tranquility, but also how there’s always something new happening here. There’s always a new flower in bloom or a new store opening down the street.”

Holdsworth puts together pieces of construction paper coated with house paint to illustrate life on the West Coast. He describes his art as “colorful, bright and western.” Though he does not promote his artwork, he will sell his paintings to anyone who expresses interest in them.

“I was inspired by hearing and seeing things I enjoyed. I wanted to take these things and change them up a bit so I’d like them even more, and I’d put these out there so I could inspire other people too,” Holdsworth said.

The beach is a place of inspiration for Holdsworth. The sand and the sun remind him of experiences in his life, such as his surfing trips. When he paints, he imagines the shapes and sounds that went through his mind during those moments and communicates those feelings through his work.

“Since I really like laying in the sun, I try to picture the feeling of what it’s like to be in that completely calm moment. I’ll then take those colors that go through my mind and put it into my art,” Holdsworth said. “When I paint, I want all the colors to go together to create an emotion of what it’s like to be here in California and to experience the people and the sunshine.”

In addition to paintings, Holdsworth also sells records he obtains from Vintage Vinyl since he likes sharing music with others. He has also played guitar since he was eight and  enjoys making old rhythm and blues songs, although he prefers playing over singing.

Music has influenced Holdsworth’s attitude towards life as he learned to appreciate the value of his experiences and the people around him. He taught himself how to play guitar through watching videos on Youtube and trying to learn how all the chords worked. Though he has not yet played with an official band, he performed a few songs in the Standing Room Restaurant in Hermosa Beach.

“Music has put a lot of value in my life,” Holdsworth said. “When I play music, I feel like I’m living in the present. I play songs to change or keep the mood of wherever I’m playing.”

Holdsworth hopes to make a career out of art and music so he can share his passion with others. The purpose of his artwork, he says, is not to earn a profit, but to inspire others as much as living in Redondo has motivated him.

“My art and my music is really just new things coming together to make a bigger picture,” Holdsworth said. “I want to create a feeling that others can feel too.”