Pho-nomenal food

When people think of Vietnamese food they generally refer to “phở” and “bánh mì” sandwiches, but are rarely exposed to other authentic dishes. Pho Hue Oi puts traditional central Vietnamese cuisine in the spotlight as the Vietnamese food scene gains more popularity.  

The restaurant is one of the first in the South Bay to specialize in central Vietnamese cuisine, more specifically dishes found in Huế, Vietnam. It is a sister restaurant to Huế Ôi in Fountain Valley, where most of the Vietnamese culture can be found. Although Pho Hue Oi does not have an extensive menu as its sister restaurant has, it offers up many popular and delicious choices that are not as well known in the South Bay.

 Located in the plaza neighboring Lawndale High School on Inglewood Ave., this hidden gem is settled between stores and can be overlooked by passersby on the streets.  Pho Hue Oi is a small, clean shop that makes the most out of its space with counter seats and booths.

Dishes like “bánh bèo chén”, which are small steamed rice cakes with shrimp toppings, and “bún bò Huế”, a beef and vermicelli soup, are offered and although they look unfamiliar and exotic to customers, they are popular, traditional dishes in Vietnamese cuisine. Pho Hue Oi brings these more authentic flavors to the table, but also provide more popular dishes like phở” and “bánh mì” sandwiches for those who are new to the food scene and want to try something more familiar.

The noodle dishes, like “phở” and “bún bò Huế” are flavorful and showcase many unique Vietnamese flavors and spices. The “phở” has a strong flavor coming from the many different spices in the broth and provides a good balance of meat in ratio to the noodles.  Delectable vermicelli noodles and tender beef rest in a delicious broth that perfectly highlights the lemongrass in the “bún bò Huế” and customers devour and clean out their bowls to the last drop of both dishes.

If customers want to go with a more traditional dish that is lesser known in the South Bay, “bánh bèo chén” is a favorite. Chefs have perfected Vietnamese cooking and this is exhibited through the steamed rice cakes that are nicely steamed due to the fact that it is a tedious and long process.  

The price here in comparison to other authentic Vietnamese places, including its sister restaurants, are a bit higher, but it delivers excellent quality and offers authentic and traditional Vietnamese cuisine in comparison to more high-end restaurants.  

Pho Hue Oi gives a great introduction to the lesser known, but equally as delicious, central Vietnamese cuisine at a reasonable price. Now Vietnamese food lovers do not need to drive to Little Saigon to get their fix and instead can get tasty, authentic Vietnamese food right here in the South Bay.