Lopez accesses his creative side through art

Any medium works for him. Whether it’s through pencil, charcoal or just a pen from a hotel, senior Luigi Lopez can make art from it. Drawing inspiration from film and social media, Lopez uses art to express himself.

“I like art because it helps me express whatever’s going on in my head,” Lopez said. “It helps me get things down onto canvas. The canvas can be universal. It can be any type of paper but as long as I have a set idea or whatever my emotions are that specific time, I’ll think of something and I can access my creative side.”

Lopez believes the driving factor in creating art is the  competition with one’s self and that no other opinion should matter.

According to Lopez, art should have no rules.

“Art is one of the most subjective types of expression that a human can portray ranging from photography, videography, pencil drawing, painting and charcoal. Yes, it’s very judgemental but as long as the artist or the creator has that ‘I don’t give a crap’ type of mentality and as long as you the creator likes it, then it’s a masterpiece,” Lopez said.

Lopez’s interest in art began when he was three years old. From then on, his love and talent for art grew.

“At first, it was a hobby when I was a little kid in the Philippines or even when I moved to Sacramento. Every single day, I kid you not, I would draw a picture of Spiderman and give it to my parents,” Lopez said. “Over time as my skills sharpened and developed, it turned into, not necessarily a passion but more than a hobby; that gray area in between.”

A lot of Lopez’s inspiration comes from social media and films. His style of art is influenced from different mediums that social media influencers use.

“I used to like basic pencil and charcoal, like the mediums of a pencil. But recently, someone can just give me a hotel pen like a basic ball point pen and I’ll make art with it,” Lopez said.

Lopez admires his family of artists, who have made a great impact on his artistry.

“My dad is a really good artist. When I was a little kid he would help me and give me tips,” Lopez said.  “I think it all started with my grandpa from my dad’s side. That guy was a master of art. Give him any type of medium and he’ll create some pretty realistic stuff.”

Lopez’s father, Jun Lopez, has been supportive since the beginning.

“I am very proud of how much my son has improved in regards to his new techniques that he’s developed over time,” Jun said.  “Since middle school I’ve encouraged him to always do his best and give him advice I thought would help him. I can see that he has and I couldn’t be more impressed.”

According to Lopez, confidence and practice leads to satisfaction

“Don’t compare your artwork to other people because whatever you think is good will be good. If you’re satisfied with what you put down then I feel like as if the art will speak for itself. If you’re not satisfied, it’s a consistent trial and error so keep practicing and practicing and if you keep going at it then I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with whatever you put down,” Lopez said.